Fiona Reece Public Relations – Testimonials

These people have said nice things about Fiona Reece Public Relations.

“Fiona is one of the very best in the business. In an industry where PRs send out endless (useless) blanket emails, Fiona takes a bespoke approach. She only ever pitches stories to me that she knows are 100% right for Red, and she’s able to think laterally rather than just suggest an obvious, easy story. If I was a client, I’d hire her.

“On a personal note, she’s also delightful and always a pleasure to work with.”

Saska Gaville, Deputy Editor, Red Magazine

“Fiona Reece PR has been telling the World about visiting Carmarthenshire in South West Wales for over 4 years and has played a major part in helping our County to grow to one of the largest tourism areas in the UK. Highly professional, completely creative and always utterly effective, Fiona and her colleagues have increased our return on investment year on year in Media coverage.”

Huw Parsons, Marketing & Tourism Manager, Carmarthenshire County Council

“We have worked with Fiona Reece over many years, both as media and – on the World Guide Awards and other projects – as a client. Fiona always understands what our audience wants and never wastes ours (or her clients’) time. She can see the bigger picture and is a mine of intelligent ideas. Fiona always delivers!”

Lyn Hughes, Editor in Chief, Wanderlust Magazine

“Fiona Reece and her team do an excellent job. Their passion and enthusiasm coupled with extensive knowledge of the travel and tourism media, and a deep understanding of the challenges of a long haul destination resulted in fantastic, positive media coverage for New Zealand.”

Kate Campbell, Regional PR Manager Europe, Tourism New Zealand

“Fiona has been working with The Healthy Holiday company driving the PR effort for several years now. She is a highly creative, commercially minded, driven professional and has made a substantial positive contribution to our business, securing ongoing highly valuable coverage. She has an in depth understanding of the travel industry as well as excellent press contacts at all levels, having been recommended to us initially by several journalists as the best travel PR in the business.”

Kathryn Brierley, Co Founder and Director, The Healthy Holiday Company